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Bay Ranger Overview Spotting fish and getting close to them are two very different stories. With a smoother, drier ride, solid one-piece-feel, and responsive handling features, these ultra quiet designs are built to get closer to the fish than you ever dreamed possible.

Bay Ranger / Skiff / Intercoastal

Bay Ranger 2410

Ranger Boats

Touting the advanced feel of a feature-packed, open water water design, the 2410 Bay Ranger is built to excel in a wide range of saltwater angling, whether it's stripers in the Northeast, groupers in the Gulf, or redfish along the coast. Inside, the shallow-drafting 2410 features the added confidence of a deeper gunnel and a world of deck and storage space. The custom console maximizes floor space while also providing extra back mounting options for today's larger fishfinders and navigation gear.

Bay Ranger 2310

Ranger Boats

Evolved from decades of design and development in coastal saltwater, the 2310 is built to deliver a whole new level of angling opportunities. Bow to stern, this advanced design is packed with exceptional features and equipment. The ultra-wide bow flare not only results in an incredibly dry ride but with a custom sheer line it also shares a big plus for working fish – a minimum gunnel height and huge front deck and interior. The 2310 rates for 300 horses of outboard muscle while fuel capacity specs out at a healthy 76 gallons.

Bay Ranger 240 Bahia "New"

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Built for the most demanding redfish anglers, the 240 is equally at home chasing speckled trout on family outings.

Overall Hull Length: 23" 4'Beam: 0.0"Horsepower: 250

Bay Ranger 220 Bahia

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Packed with features, the take charge attitude of the 220 Bahia is generating a wealth of accolades from inshore anglers across the country. Measuring 21 feet, 5 inches in length and rated for a maximum of 150 horses, this total performance design is geared to deliver the ultimate shallow water experience thatÕs just as easy on the budget.